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Our Products
Fused Quartz & Crucibles
Infrared Emitters / Heaters, UV Lamps
Imaging Ellipsometers, Brewster Angle Spectroscopy from Accurion GmbH, Germany
Optical Components and Coatings
Laser Energy/Power meters, Laser beam profilers, Laser wavelength meters, Firewire cameras, Attenuators
IR Radiometers, Blackbody sources, IR Detector Test systems and IR Flare test Systems
Spectroradiometers (Scanning & Multichannel), Integrating spheres, LED test systems
OptiLayer Thin Film Software for Design, Characterization, Reverse Engineering & On-Line Support of manufacture of Optical coatings
Atomic Force and Scanning probe microscope

Fused Quartz & Crucibles from JNC Quartz / Jinzhou Zhong Yi Helios Quartz Ltd

  • for Lighting
  • for semiconductors
  • for fiber optics
  • for Chemical industry

Infrared Emitters / Heaters, UV Lamps from Helios Italquartz srl, Italy

  • for Glass Industry - Automatic Tin side detector for float glass
  • for plastic industry
  • for other heating applications in chemical industry
  • IR/UV Irradiation and Ageing chambers
Imaging Ellipsometer
  • EP4 SW Imaging Ellipsometer
  • EP4 SE Imaging Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
  • SPEM = EP4 + AFM – Imaging Ellipsometer & Scanning Probe Microscopy
Surface Chemistry
  • EP4 BAM Brewster Angle Microscopy
  • RefSPEC3 Reflection spectroscopy
Coating Applications
Mirrors for high power laser systems
Optics for femtosecond laser systems
AR-coatings on diode lasers
Thin film polarisation and wavelengths couplers
Broad band anti reflection coatings
Coatings for the VUV spectral range

Instrument Development
VUV-Spectrophotometer (115 nm – 300 nm)
Total Scatter Measurement set up
Broad band optical monitoring systems for online controlling and documentation of deposition processes
White light interferometer for phase measurements
VUV Online Spectrophotometer
  • Laser Energy / Power meters with sensors
  • Laser beam profilers with firewire cameras and attenuators
  • Laser Wavelength meters
  • VUV spectrophotometers
  • IR Blackbody sources
  • IR Radiometers
  • IR Flare Radiometers
  • IR Detector test systems
  • Collimators
  • Multichannel IR spectroscopy systems
  • OptiLayer for design, evaluation and monitoring of optical thin film coatings
  • OptiChar for optical characterization of thin films based on spectral photometric and spectral ellipsometric data
  • OptiRE for post-production characterization and reverse engineering of optical coatings
  • OptiReOPt is set of special OptiLayer DLL functionsfor the on-line characterization and re-optimization of coatings in any production environment
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