Solutions to the Industry, research & development sector using Optics and electro-optics principles
Photonics India offers total solutions to the Industry, research & development sector using Optics and electro-optics principles. Photonics India offers optics & electro-optics materials, components, test systems & customized solutions
Our Products
Fused Quartz & Crucibles from JNC Quartz / Jinzhou Zhong Yi Helios Quartz Ltd, China Infrared Emitters / Heaters, UV Lamps from Helios Italquartz srl, Italy Imaging Ellipsometers, Brewster Angle Spectroscopy and Active Vibration Isolation products from ACCURION GmbH, Germany
Shack Hartmann wavefront Sensors and systems & Deformable Mirrors (DM) - PDM and MMDM Optical components and coatings from Laser Zentrum, Germany Sputtering targets >> sputtering target bonding and recycling, Evaporation materials >> more than 60 evaporation materials available, PVD-consumables >> Crucibles, boats and filaments, Monitoring crystals >> Au, Ag, alloy in 6MHz and 5MHz, Evaporation coils >> For your metallisation prozess from EVOCHEM Advanced Materials GmbH, Germany
Laser Energy/Power meters, Laser beam profilers, Laser wavelength meters, Firewire cameras, Attenuators from Metrolux GmbH, Germany IR Radiometers, Blackbody sources, IR Detector Test systems and IR Flare test Systems from Infrared Systems Development Centre, USA Electro-Optic Modulation Systems, Electro-Optic Pulse Selection Systems, Electro-Optic Deflection Systems, Optical Isolators and Accessories from Conoptics Inc., USA
OptiLayer Thin Film Software for Design, Characterization, Reverse Engineering & On-Line Support of manufacture of Optical coatings from OptiLayer Ltd. Moscow
Basic & Advanced Training Courses on Optical Thin Film Design Software we will contacted at regular intervals
Services Offered
  • Optical Design of Optical components
  • Instrument design for Production and Laboratory environment
  • Customized Solutions to your testing requirements
  • Design & Development of Precision Linear & Rotational Stages and Precision Mechanics for Optical industry
  • Group Companies
    VBI Services
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